Welcome to Daffodil Dollies based here in Daffodil Lane, Wales. I am so excited to be starting out on my new venture which has happened, as some of the best things in life sometimes do, purely by accident. I wanted to buy a beautiful, special, soft bodied dolly for a gift but found that the really good ones have a very, very long waiting list. So being no stranger to the sewing machine as I have spent the last 10 years making my little cat collars for my other online business, I made a few of my own dolls, which turned out so well and I enjoyed the process so much I decided to get the latest doll I made tested for the necessary CE certification. 
I love working on small projects and really trying to perfect the little details that make a product so extra special, this is something I try to incorporate into each and every one of my dolls. You will find little handcrafted bows, tulle lined dresses, piping and even hand embroidered faces and I hope you notice their lovely satisfying weight when you pick them up for a dance, swing or a cuddle. 
And so the fun at Daffodil Dollies has begun. 
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Thank you so much for stopping by to meet me and my little flowers, Paula x