The product:

They are plump little soft bodied for lots of hugs, 17" tall with long swingy legs for dancing and twirling. Each dolly is unique and has a floral inspired name just for her. Our dollies are all double stitched in the seams and triple stitched at the joints and all adhere to the strict CE certification policies with their own individual doll reference number. They are safe from birth but Intended especially for over 2 years for valuable play.

The price:

Prices vary according to the materials and length of time taken to make. Each dolly can take around a day to make.

They will arrive safely boxed by 2nd class recorded delivery.

And of course made to a standard that we are happy to shout is ours.

So as you can see our dollies are a little special, a tippy-toe away from the mass produced - as individual as its new little owner.